This is a collection of online resources I’ve found valuable.

A16Z Content: Andreessen Horowitz may not be the biggest venture capital firm in Silicon Valley, but it might very well be the smartest. Between the A16Z blog and podcast, you’ll feast on insightful thinking about cutting-edge technologies.

Allen Cheng’s Book Summaries: I enjoy learning about books from a variety of sources: reviews, podcast interviews and more. Allen, however, has taken the simple act of book notes to the next level with his amazing book summaries.

Harvard Business Review: Get your fix of Christensen, Greenwald, Porter and other key business and strategy thinkers here.

Farnam Street: A website about learning how to learn. Mental models, approaches to thinking, how to read a book are just a few of the topics covered here.

Joel on Software: Joel has been writing about software development and strategy since I was fresh out of high-school. This is required reading for anyone interested in product management or a career in technology.

Longform & Longreads: Long-form content is a great way to introduce yourself to unfamiliar topics and up-and-coming writers. Add the “Push to Kindle” plugin to keep your Kindle reader topped off with a steady pipeline of reading material.

Paul Graham’s Essays: A guiding light in the startup scene. These essays are essential reading for any entrepreneur.

Stratechery: Ben Thompson’s approach to business is refreshing and always insightful. He takes a high-level view of the landscape and makes ample use of business strategy frameworks (you’ll get healthy doses of Michael Porter, Clayton Christensen and others).

Zettelkasten: Zettel-what? It’s a note-taking system that will rock your world in the same way that GTD rocked your to-do list. Learn it and then implement it